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So I was talking to one of my sisters yesterday, and I was talking, she was laughing at me about my level of patience. I’m not the most patient person in the world. I like to, you know, because of the nature of my work and and how things move in my life. I don’t give a lot of space. Or foolishness, and sometimes not even emotions. If I don’t see the purpose in being overly emotional, and usually it doesn’t get me anywhere. I don’t spend too much time with it, even with.Myself, you know, and and this is for big things too. 


Like losing loved ones or, you know, major life changes. I will, you know, be sad and I’ll cry a little bit, but I’ll still be functioning. I’ll still move forward. Case in point, I found out that my father passed the top of the week when I actually found out, and me and Tina had a concert at the end of the week. Well, it was a contractual obligation and we went to the concert, we took our family with us because we knew that we needed their strength to do it. But I was able to function and move forward. 



I believe this is something that God has gifted me with, so I don’t vilify or demonize anyone who doesn’t operate like that. I just don’t have. That super emotional girly thing. Griff calls me a tomboy. But even whenI was dating my husband and he had proposed, and then he was like. I need to take a moment. I’m not sure this is what I want to do. I was like, OK, alright. Well, take your time, but not too much because I’m not a permanent girlfriend. I’ll cry, but I will get over it quickly. So you know, you make your decision. And it was maybe a month later and he came back. 


But I I believe that God designed me that way for my gifting. I’m saying all this to say sometimes the way you are God has designed you that way because he wants to work through you in that if you are sensitive to certain things and you know and you. 

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