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Pray For Someone Else| Ericaism

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You know, I wonder how often we actually pray for others. We say it all the time we post it, praying for you. You know, we tag it, we post it, but how often do we really do pray for others? How often do we actually stop taking a moment to think about ourselves and think about someone else? 


It’s it’s so imperative and important. And I believe it’s very humanizing for all of us when we take a moment and realize that sometimes we just have to take our eyes off of ourselves. I mean, that was the enemies #1 trick to make Eve take our eyes off of God, to look at herself what she wanted. The reason Satan was kicked out of heaven because he had his eyes on himself. He thought he was better than God. He was able to trick 1/3 of heaven because his eyes was open. 

How dangerous it must be spiritually for us to only think about us, and yes, God is a healer, and yes, God does things for us, but we are put on this planet to tell the world about Jesus, and I can’t do that if I’m only thinking. What I want and what I need and what I have and protecting me and mine and you know that means myself and I kind of mindset we got to be so careful. 


I really do pray for other people. I remember being on the plane and I was. I mean, I felt corny within myself doing it, but there was this song by Commission called will you be ready? That is a song literally about being ready when Jesus comes back, and as I play the song, my heart just begin to break. For people that just simply don’t know Jesus, you know that they don’t know how much he loves them, that they think they have to get their selves together before they come to God. Heart just begin to break. For those that have been in church and they were so broken by church, they not. Only left church they left God, the creator who loves you. 


Let’s take a moment and pray for those people. Let’s let’s not be so mean. Let’s not be so judgmental. You don’t know where they are in their process. You don’t know if maybe the valley or the dark place that they’re in is a part of their story. That God is going to bring victory to. So let’s pray for people. 


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