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Dr. Ian Smith Explains How To Burn Better Fuel & More Fat With ‘The Met Flex Diet’ | Healthy Ever After

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When it comes to fueling our bodies, the two main sources are body fat and carbohydrates. While carbs provide a quick burst of energy, burning body fat is a more sustainable and long-lasting option. In fact, during prolonged exercise such as running a marathon or participating in an intense workout, the body relies primarily on fat for fuel. However, this does not mean that one should completely eliminate carbohydrates from their diet, as they do play an important role in providing energy for high-intensity activities.



Best-selling author, TV personality, and physician, Dr. Ian Smith returns to the Get Up Church to help us understand the meaning behind burning better fuel and more fat. Dr. Smith tells Get Up Erica “People were also hitting me on Instagram and Facebook saying. that they were eating well. That they were exercising, and they couldn’t get the scale to move. And so, I was researching trying to figure out why and I came across a term called “Metabolic Flexibility,” thus the diet name “Met Flex Diet. Basically, metabolic flexibility is when the body has the ability to burn whatever fuel it sees. For example, if it sees carbs, it can burn carbs. If it sees fats, it can burn fats. However, when you can only burn carbs and not fats or you can when you can only burn fats and not carbs you are metabolically Inflexible.”

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His new book “The Met Flex Diet,” is available now on Amazon wherever books are sold.



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