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In a strange turn of events, a D.C. man decided he wanted to get into the FOX 5 TV STUDIO’S yesterday, but not the conventional way.

He decided to break into the building by kicking out the glass doors to the entrance of the building, and it was all caught on video.

Police have charged George Odemns with second degree burglary after the incident in which he was shot by the building security guard.

Just after 3 p.m., George Odemns approached FOX 5’s offices on Wisconsin Avenue in Northwest and attempted enter the building. . Odemns was confronted by a security guard, who informed him he was not allowed to enter the building.

At that point, Odemns kicked his way through two sets of glass doors, entered the building and started walking in the direction of the desk station, near main part of the building.
The security guard instructed Mr. Odemns to halt; when he didn’t, he was shot once in the upper body.  He was then taken to George Washington University Hospital where he was charged.


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