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Black Lives Matter groups are teaming up with activists leading the charge for the $15 minimum wage movement to hold nationwide protests, reports the Associated Press.

From Associated Press:

They are launching their first national joint action on April 4, the 49th anniversary of King’s assassination, with “Fight Racism, Raise Pay” protests in two dozen cities, including Atlanta; Milwaukee; Memphis, Tennessee; Chicago; Boston; Denver; and Las Vegas.

…[Kendall] Fells, organizing director for the Fight for $15] said the new political reality requires the groups to band together. After President Donald Trump’s election, some civil rights and social justice organizations are taking an all-hands-on-deck approach against  an administration they see as hostile to the working poor and minorities.

By working together, the two groups can reach more people and amplify their messages, activists say. “What we both realize is we’re stronger when we operate together,” Fells said.

In related news, The University of Miami law school introduced its first interdisciplinary course on new Black Lives Matter earlier this month, reports The Miami Hurricane.

SOURCE: CBS DenverThe Miami Hurricane


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