In Small Town America, sometimes the train comes down the middle of Main Street; sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

When it comes down a main street, pedestrians have to cross the street on foot.

Yesterday in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, an elderly woman had to cross the street.  When she got about halfway, the train crossing arms came down with Alert Bells and Lights.

A guy named “Jon Mango” was waiting in his car to cross those tracks when he was stopped by the emergency arms.  Seeing that the lady was in pure danger; he said:  “this doesn’t look good.”

Jon Mango jumped out of his car, ran across the tracks and got the woman out of the way of the fast moving train with just seconds to spare.

A dashcam video shows Mango jump into action as the crossing lights began to flash and the nearby train sounded its horn.

Here is the video:

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