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Spirit Airlines Set To Purchase More Jets

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A 21 year old Florida woman who was trying to get back home to Hollywood, Florida, was kicked off a Spirit Airlines Flight for what she said was that they was showing too much cleavage.

Cathy Supp, boarded a flight on Sunday in New Orleans, but was approached by Flight Attendants that accused her of being intoxicated.  According to other passengers, after the confrontation, the Flight Attendants left but then came back and told her that she was showing too much cleavage and that she had to exist the Aircraft.

Another passenger who tried to intervene was accused of interfering and was also booted off!!!

No passengers complained about the woman’s cleavage and Ms. Supp said that was the excuse they used to remove her from the plane.

Bob Kowaleski, another Spirit passenger sat in the window seat next to the woman.  He said:

Passenger Jet Being Moved Using An Aircraft Tractor at Heathrow Airport

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“They embarrassed the young girl and [she] didn’t appear any more out of bounds than anyone else on flight,”   He also said that the flight attendants were “treating her like she was a street walker.

Paul Berry, a Spirit Airlines spokesman said her removal was not about her cleavage, but about her attitude.

She eventually covered up by putting on an overcoat that she had brought with her as she left.

Look for more on this story in the near future.



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