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Tyran Bell isn’t a typical kid. His mom hasn’t been working regularly to care for his hospitalized uncle, and it’s back-to-school time. So, he hatched a plan to help.

The Wilmington, North Carolina, student posted an offer on Facebook to mow lawns so he could purchase his own school supplies, reports WECT-TV.

“She won’t have to buy me and my brother’s school supplies, and I will just buy that. She could just worry about paying the bills and helping my uncle out,” Tyran, 10, told WECT.

He rolled up his sleeves and mowed some lawns. Mission accomplished. The Gregory Elementary student and his brother now have more than enough supplies to get them through the upcoming school year. In fact, the supplies and donations overflowed, so Tyran decided to share what he collected with other students in need.

Tyran’s hard work and kindness inspired others, such as Theresa Babb, a local business owner.

“He’s 10 years old. And for a 10-year-old to take that initiative and want to help his mom because she was struggling, I just thought that was amazing,” Babb told the news station.

She collected supplies and donations from her staff to help Tyran. Babb plans to donate the excess to social workers who will distribute the supplies in the community.



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