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We all go through it. That moment when we’re fed up with our look and just want something new.

Insert three bundles of the Royal Hair’s Brazilian Curly tresses.

This summer I wanted to switch it up and rock a hairstyle other than my typically sleek weave. Out for the perfect curl, I visited the Royal Hair’s showroom in NYC for an intimate buying experience that left me feeling in control of my order — not only was I able to see their products in-person, I was able to leave with my hair in-hand.

What I loved most about their intimate Queens store is the one-on-one shopping experience and knowledgeable staff. Not only do they have an affordable line for the budget-friendly girl, they also carry a luxury line for the big spenders.

Hit the play button on my review above, then log on to and use my name, SHAMIKA, at checkout for 10 percent off your purchase. Happy shopping, beauties!



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