Founders’ Day Message 2012

On that cold, rainy fall night…140 years ago, the young women of Alpha Phi formed a bond of sisterhood that redefined who they were. As autumn turned to a cold winter, their sisterhood thrived, soon touched by the warmth of spring’s arrival and with it, the sweet promise of summer.

Alpha Phi has known many seasons in its 14 decades.

Through each of those seasons, the women of Alpha Phi have marked the passage of time with their successes on campus, in the community and through their careers.

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Through each of those seasons, Alpha Phi has been part of history…helping shape the future for all women.

Through each of those seasons, Alpha Phi itself has been broadened and strengthened.

That source of strength lives in each sister; each woman who has been uplifted by Alpha Phi, and who has ensured that the Fraternity would know many more seasons.

Through each of Alpha Phi’s 14 decades, every one of us have been touched by the warmth of this sisterhood and made stronger by its ideals. Together, we have ensured that the dream of the Original Ten would be realized and renewed…season after season.

On our 140th Anniversary, we take a moment to honor Alpha Phi’s Founders, who imagined boldly and took that first brave step that set us on our path to be outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement.

The Founders of Alpha Phi Fraternity:

Clara Bradley Burdette

Florence Chidester Lukens

Martha Foote Crow

Ida Gilbert Houghton

Jane Higham

Kate Hogoboom Gilbert

Elizabeth Hubbell Shults

Rena Michaels Atchison

Louise Shepard Hancock

Clara Sittser Williams

Happy Founders’ Day, Sisters!

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