In this edition of the Faith Walk, Erica Campbell recalls finding out that her husband Warryn Campbell had kidney cancer in 2008. She immediately went to prayer and trusting in God’s ability to remove the cancer from her husband’s body. Erica talks about how much suffering Warryn didn’t have to go through, because of their […]

Erica Campbell talks about her experience with being bullied, which she says still occurs up until this very day. But she recalls being taunted by a girl in fourth grade. Erica says she used to hide in the bathroom every day to avoid her, until one day she decided not to let her bother her anymore. […]

For the most part, I’m a practically minded person. I don’t really believe in magic or supernatural. But, I do believe in prayer. Not that I believe if you say, “Dear God, give me what I want,” you’ll get what you want (even if you believe and pray really hard). What I believe is that […]