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10 Times We Wanted To Date Ghost On ‘Power’  was originally published on

1. Ghost


There’s no denying that Power’s Omari Hardwick is some SERIOUS eye candy. Whether he’s sporting a suit or flexing in a tank top, Omari’s portrayal of ‘Ghost’ will have you longing to be his leading lady.

Don’t believe us? Flip through the gallery and see for yourself.


2. Ghost


With abs of steel and tattoos to match, how could you not fall in love? 😫

3. Ghost & Tommy

Ghost & Tommy

Ghost and Tommy’s friendship is not only a major storyline throughout the series, but also proved that Ghost is undeniably loyal to the soil.

4. Ghost & Tasha

Ghost & Tasha

When it comes to Ghost’s main squeeze, Tasha, he keeps it realer than real. You’ve got to respect that.

5. Ghost & Shawn

Ghost & Shawn

Even in the face of danger, Ghost managed to keep his cool.

6. Ghost & Simon Stern

Ghost & Simon Stern

Who could forget when Ghost used his street smarts and charm to turn the tables on the money hungry Simon Stern?

7. Ghost & Shawn

Ghost & Shawn

When he spared Shawn’s life and gave him a chance at redemption.

8. Ghost & Angie

Ghost & Angie

When it came time to choose between his best friend and true love, Ghost was backed into a corner. But somehow, some way he found a solution to all of his woes.

9. Ghost


We think you get the picture 😅