Calling all my girls who love their hair!  If you’re a child at heart like I am, one of my favorite television shows recently debuted a new clip.  It’s entitled, “I Love My Hair” dedicated to the girl with the curly and versatile textured hair. 

As we grow up we have visions and dreams of grandeur for our family, finances, careers and our future. However those dreams quickly fade away once the reality of life appears.  

Please note: I cannot speak and do not proclaim to speak for every woman.  However, I know quite a few women and  have heard the concerns of many, so I speak on behalf of them as a collective group.  Please hear their voices in this article.

Excerpt From Acts Of Faith – Daily Meditations For People Of Color – by Iyanla Vanzant We are always looking for the perfect relationship.  The goal is to find that perfect someone who will make your lives a better place to be.  It is unfortunate that we don’t realize perfection runs two ways.  In order […]

Valentine’s day is more than just giving flowers, jewelry and candy to someone.

It’s always interesting to watch my family and friends get along better during the holiday season. I think it maybe the temperature of the weather being cooler so it calms everyone’s nerves or maybe it’s just the idea of it being Christmas. Whatever it is things sure do change around my house and in the […]

Many times in my walk with the Lord through the years, I think I have heard countless songs, references, and messages based on 1st Corinthians 13, more affectionately known as “The Love Chapter”.  Unfortunately, as much as I’ve heard it, many times I just say”I’ll Remember This Later” as  Love messages started sounding too common […]

VIA ELEV8: By Cheryl Hudson Are you searching for love in your life?  Have you tried dating, the internet, blind dates, and even dating in the dark still finding yourself hopelessly still searching?  Maybe you believe you can find true love on the Internet.  Imagine yourself clicking on a button and instantaneously, you find love!!  […]