Earnest Pugh is settling well into his role of label owner and executive. As the date of his impending album release moves closer, Pugh and his EPM Music Group unveil a stunning lyric video for the single “Need You To Breathe”.  Pugh’s 9th album, Fully Persuaded, will be released June 2nd. The lead single, “I […]

Love God With Everything You Have Breakdown: Like everybody I was nervous when I first learned to swim.  In the beginning, I would only put part of my body into the water.  The problem, of course, was that I would never learn how to fully swim unless I put ALL of me into the water.  After […]

Follow Praise 104.1: Earnest Pugh stopped by Praise 104.1 and The Cheryl Jackson show to talk about his new single “I Need You To Breathe“. However, during the interview we learned about some of the amazing work the Pugh is doing which includes building a new church in the Memphis area where he grew up. […]

Gospel singer and songwriter Earnest Pugh chats with Erica Campbell & GRIFF about his latest single, "I Need You To Breathe."

Singer Charles Butler talks about his new album, “Make It,” and his single of the same name. He reminisces about starting Charles Butler & Trinity out of high school, and how they went from that to singing background for Earnest Pugh, to becoming a gospel group in their own right. He also discusses the challenges […]

Check out Yolanda and many others in this gallery of Gospel Stars!

Check out Yolanda and many others in this gallery of Gospel Stars!

Earnest Pugh is prepping for his August 27th release of his new album “The W.I.N. Experience (Worship In Nassau)” on his independent label, P-Man Records.…

Washington, D.C. – Gospel Music’s Leading Man – Earnest Pugh – whose biggest #1 hits “Rain On us” and “I Need Your Glory” – were recorded when he lived in the DMV, is coming back to town for a CD concert listening party for his new album “The W.I.N. (Worship in Nassau) Experience” that was […]

Urban Roundup Entertainment presents the first ever Faith Against Cancer Gospel Concert. This inspirational event is more than just an ordinary concert, as it will…