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Aerial view of Christ the Reddemer overlooking Guanabara bay, Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

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Love God With Everything You Have

Breakdown: Like everybody I was nervous when I first learned to swim.  In the beginning, I would only put part of my body into the water.  The problem, of course, was that I would never learn how to fully swim unless I put ALL of me into the water.  After time I mustered the courage to put my entire body into the water.  Soon after that, I was swimming like a champ.  This scripture reminds me of that experience.  God is saying that if we really love Him, then we must do so with all, not part, of us.

When we love God with our hearts (the inner man or woman which equals our desire, purpose, and courage), then we are loving God with our very being.  Loving God with our soul (yuce) here describes the Greek word meaning “appetite”, “breath”, or “passion”.  Imagine loving God as much as you wanted to eat the next burger or take your next breath.

Lastly, love God with all of your strength (iscuz).  This word is the Greek word for “force”, “diligent” or “violent”.  We should love God to the point where it takes force and it is understood that we mean business when it comes to loving our God.  We do this for some many other things whether it’s our favorite sports team, music artist, or something else we go all in and get all the way “turnt up” for it but how much more should we be for God?

Live It Out:  Today get “turnt up” or “go all in” for God with ALL of your heart, soul, and strength push for Him and Him only on today despite what others may say of do; love Him with all you have on today.  Love is All in.

Prayer:  God today help me to love You with all of my mind, my soul, and my strength.  Allow me to seek Your love passionately today with all of me so that I can continue to build my relationship with You.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen

Deuteronomy 6:5 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

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