Erica Campbell talks about at time in her teenage years when she was talking to her older sister’s boyfriend about why he should get saved and go to church. Everything she was saying to him, however, she backed up because of things her Uncle and Auntie said about God. So of course, Erica’s sister’s boyfriend’s […]


Marcus D. Wiley joined “The James Fortune Show” in studio to give listeners an idea of what to expect in his live recording “D13.” Listen to the…

Bernice King, the daughter of  slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King is no stranger to speaking her mind. She recently had an open discussion about the sexual behavior of  saved Christians. Praise 102 in Atlanta had a candid discussion with Bernice about being Saved and Sex. Click below and listen Related Articles Dr.King’s […]

Listen to our discussion with Elder Bernice King about being saved, but having sex before marriage. You have the opportunity to chime in! Leave a comment below! Popular on Affordable Medical Care for the Uninsured Manassas Man Accused Of Beating Four-Month-Old Baby Good Times and The Jeffersons Voted Out of Greatest Black Sitcom Competition […]