A Maryland woman’s death after a botched butt surgery in a New York basement has been labeled a homicide, The New York Daily News reports.…

A Black sergeant from New York is awaiting the announcement of a possible $198,000 settlement with the city after he was beaten by Yonkers police…


When you take a trip to the far north part of Manhattan and visit what had once been the Audobon Ballroom — now redesigned and renamed the…

Christians are requesting that a video that shows ants crawling over a crucified Jesus be pulled from the Brooklyn Museum art. See also: Why I Dropped My Bank And Switched To A Credit Union See also: Destinations for Outdoor Lovers The avant-garde film, “A Fire in My Belly,” was created by the late David Wojnarowicz. […]

A 14-year-old New York girl will lose sight in one eye after developing an eye infection from wearing illegal vanity contacts she bought in a local beauty supply store, doctors say. Erica Barnes, like many teens, bought the cheap contacts in Jamaica, Queens, without much knowledge of the dangers of doing so. Barnes was told […]

NEW YORK — Nearly fifty years ago, Blacks retreated from the South to elude the implications of segregation. Ironically, today many Blacks, in New York especially, are migrating back to the South in search of economic refuge. About 17 percent of African-Americans who moved to the south in the past decade came from New York, […]

New York is on the verge of becoming the sixth state in the union to legalize gay marriage, as soon as this week. The State Senate is one vote away from passing the law which was shot down two years ago in a Democratic-led Senate. In two years, opinion amongst New York state residents has […]

Having endured her mother’s death, her father’s absence and being shuttled between multiples foster homes, Tawana McNair, 17,  is one of 35 seniors at Lincoln Academy receiving her high school diploma and her associates degree in the same year. McNair, who decided to pursue the double degree after her teachers’ prompting, is a member of […]

New York — A tony Queens enclave once home to a host of black stars – including Jackie Robinson and James Brown – became a historic district Tuesday on the first day of Black History Month.

Thinking of a worthwhile bonding activity with your family? Sing with them. Health Benefits of Karaoke: And here is great news – karaoke singing releases endorphins! Those are the “happy hormones” that make us feel good! In addition, karaoke singing releases stress and tension, and helps exercise the lungs. Check out this clip of the […]