A few months back, the worship band leader at my church shared with the congregation an alarming dream he had had earlier in the week. He’d dreampt he’d been driving on a highway when a hostile car roared up behind him and rode his bumper for miles. Although he could not see the driver, he […]

What’s your favorite Iylana VanZant book? If you haven’t read one of her many titles, pick one and elev8! Related articles: Top 8 Books To Read this Summer from Willis to Oprah The Christian Jackie Collins has arrived

Most Americans believe God is involved in their daily lives, from parking tickets to football scores to losing those extra pounds. That’s the finding from a Canadian researcher who looked at two U.S. surveys on the subject. Scott Schieman, a professor of sociology at the University of Toronto, found that 82-percent of respondents depended on […]

“Finally, in our world and time when words of hope and change evaporate into business as usual, when peace is postponed for war, social programs put on hold, bankers bailed out and the poor erased from the agenda, Imani (Faith) offers a shield against despair, cynicism and paralyzing disappointment. Faith calls us to believe in […]

Gospel Dream winner re-makes some popular classics on debut release.