ABC News recently did a special about successful black women who have never been married.

I had a dream last night that led me to think about how we relate to those we’ve been romantically involved in after we’re no longer involved with them and how should our friends respect the relationship that once was.

Upon talking with a friend the other day, she brought up the question of men and why it seems that we often lack the “pursuit” of women.

“What is keeping Black women from walking down the aisle?” ABC’s “Nightline” asked this question recently and you’ll be surprised at the answers. Watch the video right here.

Next month, my husband and I will have 14 years of marriage!  What a milestone!  We have endured good times and overcome great challenges as well.  What makes the time worth it is knowing that we have taken on those challenges and overcome then together.  Our bond is stronger than it’s ever been and my love […]

You’ve got the butterflies, the chemistry, and his mom loves you. The idea of a future together doesn’t scare you, you like (most of) his friends, and he’s usually very attentive. All signs are pointing to “yes” in this picture-perfect relationship; you can even ignore the fact that he leaves his dirty socks under the […]