Symone Sanders is clear: Don't you ever in your life, compare a humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner to the vagina-grabbing President Donald Trump.

The one-term former Illinois Congressman tweeted that the bar was set lower for former President Obama because he was Black; a notion that Rye was not trying to hear.

The all-Black panel got into a heated debate about HBCUs and Trump's proposed 2018 budget, which forced Rye to quote Outkast.

Pastor A.R. Bernard calls in to SOP with Maurette Brown Clark to discuss season 2 of CNN's 'Finding Jesus.'

The celebrated anchor made the analogy during a SIRIUS radio interview on Thursday.


A new Gallup poll shows that Americans are divided when it comes to the media’s coverage of Donald Trump.

The President-elect said that the cable news outlet was "fake news" and told Jim Acosta he wouldn't answer his questions.

Plus, African-Americans claim discrimination in class-action lawsuit against CNN and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser recently met with President-elect Trump.

A class action lawsuit accuses the network of unfair treatment of Black workers. The attorney for the employees claims that CNN has a long history of racial bias.


Trump has decided to pay a $25 million settlement in the lawsuits related to Trump University.