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NBA star Chris Paul is teaming up with the plant-based beverage company Koia to ensure healthy options are present in underserved communities.

The ice cream machines at McDonald's unfortunately more than often tend to be broken, but it looks like a lawsuit from a company that wants to fix the problem once and for all may be just what we all need to serve that sweet tooth without any technical issues. 

What’s on your plate can help maintain not only your muscles and curves but your heart as well. These items of everyday eatery may need to get the boot according to cardiologist...

Beloved actress and award-winning vegan chef Tabitha Brown will soon be bringing us a little sunshine in a bottle called, well, Sunshine Seasoning. 

Atlantic blue crabs can also lay millions of eggs, which frightens fishermen about the future of the species in their waters.

Switching to a dairy-free lifestyle can be challenging at first, but Ayesha Curry has found a way to make it work for her and her family!

When it comes to fitness and healthy living, tennis champion Sloane Stephens doesn’t play games. As the fourth Black woman to win a Grand Slam singles title, she knows that what you put inside of your body is just as important as the stress you put on your body during a heavy workout. On the […]

Some people in Harlem -- a community that's been all but synonymous with Black people -- were caught off-guard when they saw a poster featuring only white people that advertised a "new soul" restaurant.

Old Bay hot sauce has returned to store shelves one year after its debut. 

Foodie / ˈfo͞odē / a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.