Back to School

As teachers put the finishing touches on their classrooms and parents finish up back-to-school shopping, many area kids are set to begin a new school year. Most school systems are announcing changes ahead of students’ return, including new start and end times to the school day and an increase in school lunch prices. WTOP has […]

With so many of the civil rights battles behind us, and the satisfaction that comes from the success of African-Americans in business, politics, sports and entertainment, it is no surprise that the assault upon the integrity and historic purpose of our nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) has been little noticed by mainstream media […]

For the first time in years, thousands of loyal prince George’s County 4-year-olds will spend an entire day in a pre-kindergarten class room when academic institutions open Thursday, part of synchronized county government and school board initiatives to improve academic accomplishment. The full-day pre-K program is one of several projects provided this season at academic […]

(Silver Spring, MD)  —  A Montgomery County elementary school student was suspended for a day for making a hand gesture of a gun with his forefinger and thumb.  The incident happened last month at Roscoe Nix Elementary in Silver Spring, a week after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings.  School officials sent a letter home to the […]

Join Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center on February 18th from noon til 4:00 at the Mall at Prince George’s and help the teen Culture Keepers make a community quilt.

It seems like only yesterday kids were running out of school to begin summer break. Now, our thoughts are turning towards preparing them for the new school year. Already, stores are trying to entice parents with their back to school offers on anything from clothing to stationary. The following tips will allow kids and parents […]

Beginning preschool is exciting for some children and for others, it is an anxiety-filled and stressful event that they have no desire to do whatsoever. One of the biggest differences between the excited child and the one that fears this day is how prepared he or she feels about the event prior to its arrival. […]

In addition to studying and working hard in school, being organized is just as important in order to be successful. Not only is it a good trait to learn now, it will be a valuable asset in adulthood as well, when entering the workforce. With hectic schedules, changing classes and needing different materials for each […]

It’s well-known that the way you perform on a test does not necessarily reflect your intelligence or aptitude. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the mainstream educational system is likely to change their testing habit any time soon. So even though you may not agree with the philosophy of test taking, you’ll still need to do […]

If your child is scared of school, there must be a reason. “Scared of school” is the same concept as feeling fear, and in order to feel fear, there must be a threat of some kind that is affecting your child’s perception of the school environment. There are many reasons why your child may feel […]