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Mary Mary has had a big year. The hit singles  “Walking” ,” Wave My Flag” and now new single “Survive”  are testimony that the team has great staying power and songs that connect.

Mary Mary Showcase In NYC: A Taste of “Something Big” [VIDEO]

In addition to their hosting duties on  “Sunday’s Best” , they were on Good Morning America to announce two new big endeavors.

1- Erica is expecting a another child.  This is number 3. They were hinting on twitter last night via @therealmarymary that something special  was on the way. Make sure you are following them.

2- They were going to be pitching in to help the Red Cross with families in need.

Watch the video below:

Mary Mary have been advocates of people doing something big in their communities and lives. They used the launch of their album to inspire people to tell them about what the “something big” they were doing in their lives here :Mary Mary Wants To Do Something Big With You.

Take a look at the interview I did with them earlier this year  Exclusive Video:Mary Mary-”Don’t be anybody else, be You”

These women are empowering!

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