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Have you ever been told the same advice over and over again, yet it has never actually sunk in until the second when you actually needed it? This morning was definitely that defining moment for me. After being chided for years for constantly leaving little time for mistakes, I missed the train to work for the first time in months. While I had been forced to catch the later train before, today felt different for some reason. Maybe it was because I had just celebrated my birthday yesterday and felt that I should know better with my increased age. Or perhaps it was the newness of the day that caused me to fear any more changes in my life.

While I do not feel another year older or notice any real changes, this particular moment of feeling out of control struck a chord and made me think of all of the other times I had cut moments close. Do any of my other mistakes with time have any relation to the advice I have never taken? How I can make future changes in my life using a mantra that gives foresight to my problems?

When thinking of a mantra, there is one word I have always heard family members use, which is simple, to-the-point, and extraordinarily important for life: anticipation. Although I never used to have the sensibility and foresight to listen to loved ones on matters of the future, the word anticipation has never left my consciousness or ceased to be vital in the grand scheme of things. By taking charge of the important moments at your job and in your personal life, you can be on top of your game and have more confidence in your abilities through stronger forethought.

What is anticipation exactly? According to Merriam-Webster Online, one of the many definitions summarizes it perfectly: “visualization of a future event or state.” If you can “visualize” the “future” and see what the next moment might bring, you can be forward-thinking and prepared for any mishaps that might arise. While you cannot anticipate everything that might happen, there are quite a few scenarios you can plan for that can make-or-break your daily events simply through your awareness of them.

Here are some ways that you can take charge of your anticipation-power:

  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour, but not without planning out your morning beforehand. Plan your outfits in advance, as well as lay out everything that you will need when you first wake up. Being on top of your game from the moment you wake up will ensure that the morning goes smoother and that you are less stressed!
  • Eat normal meals throughout the day. Don’t skip breakfast or your morning coffee, even if you are running late somewhere! It is important to be well-fed and caffeinated (or at least hooked on water!) in order to fully carry out any plans you have for the day. Don’t forgo the basic needs in order to meet deadlines – you’ll only be exhausted for it!
  • Breathe. Take a step back from the situation if you are stressed out. When I missed my train this morning, I just sat there and took some deep breaths, reminding myself that it was not the end of the world. Keeping the moments in perspective are the most important, as nothing is so urgent that you should beat yourself up over it. Even if you might have made a mistake or not used your foresight to your advantage, you always have a second chance to make it right.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Never take your errors to heart as something that is inherent in your faults or not-fixable. Everything moment in your life is a learning experience and you only have to keep moving forward to realize that nothing stays the same forever. Keep taking the wisdom and messages from the mishaps that occur in your life. You always have time to turn the problems around!

In the end, all you have are the moments that you make. Anticipating what will come next, even if it is never exact, is better than toiling around so much that you run into problems that you could have avoided. In order to take lessons and advice from the more experienced, you have to listen to them and take some of the wisdom to heart. No one can go it alone in this life without the help of the people around them. If you always keep an open mind, you can be independent and run your own life, but also have the forethought to keep the future in sight!

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