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Have you ever had one of those days where you find yourself trying to piece together conversations you had with someone? This could be from a friendship, a potential love interest, or even a family member, as life can be confusing to figure out on occasion. Maybe you are trying to decipher how someone feels about a particular idea or just really have no idea what is going on anymore in terms of what various people are thinking.

I, for one, tend to over-analyze everything unconsciously and always tend to find myself in these predicaments where I just have to step back and force myself to stop thinking for a while. In the long run, it can be better to just look at the big picture of events and let go of whatever is bothering you for a period of time in order to get your bearings back. Stewing over what someone said, especially if you might not know all the facts, is one of the worst things you could do, as it wastes valuable time and energy. What are the advantages of being more broad while viewing your life instead of just nitpicking every detail?

One definite advantage is that you are able to focus on other things and not be distracted by dissecting the details of something trivial. It is undeniably healthy to take a break from something that bothers you and just put all of your attention into the task at hand, like your job or taking care of the kids, even if you have lingering doubts on something else. Sometimes, trying to budget your time between multiple things, especially if one of them is dragging you down, is not the best plan, especially if you are missing the big picture of the situation. Maybe you completely overlooked the overall message of what someone said or were too busy worrying to see that the person was viewing you favorably after-all. Using “this too shall pass” as a mantra in terms of your doubts is a fantastic plan, as getting worried prematurely or overreacting can end up being for naught. If you continue to not be able to see the big picture and need reassurance, call your friend or family member and try to decipher the situation through communication rather than the passive-aggressive approach you may be taking.

In another light, seeing the intricacies in a situation is not most people are accustomed to when talking to someone. Personally, I’ve found that when I ask friends or family members why they said something, for example, many of them don’t even remember the small details that I might have taken away from the exchange. Only a handful of people are usually in-tune with the inverted lens of a situation and this could be a burden for them if you take things more sensitively than others. In order to move beyond the paranoia and see what is really occurring, sometimes you just need to step back and view the dialogue from their point of view, rather than adding your own interpretation to the mix!

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A final reason why you should view life situations more broadly is that life is too short to worry so much about the minute details. While many times, it’s good to keep an eye on the small moments that might be interludes into bigger problems, oftentimes there is not a reason to be worried about the state of your relationships. Maybe you need more sleep or it has just been a long, stressful day and you just need a detox from the office. Whatever the reason for your sensitivity, you might be worrying one day while there are many other moments in life for you to mold your attitude. If you keep the faith that everything will be okay in the end, you will start to really believe that and start looking toward the future for your happiness. Never give up your “glass is half full” attitude, since most often, that is all you need to kick-start your optimism and help you further towards fulfillment!

To end this post, I quote Eleanor Roosevelt, who has proven to be very inspirational to me as of late and has some very strong convictions about viewing life with a broad lens. This quote is very true in that it summarizes the idea of looking beyond the fine details and exposing the truth through life experiences. Eleanor states: “My experience has been that work is almost the best way to pull oneself out of the depths.” To interpret this quote in terms of one’s standpoint in a conversation, in order to see the big picture of a situation, one has to keep on moving in life and not dwell on the intricacies of a moment. By keeping busy and constantly having one’s eye on the future, optimism can shine through and make one less likely to overreact. In this way, the broad lens of a moment is more important in that it keeps us motivated even when the small details might be trying to keep us down.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your head up high, your eyes wide open, and a clear head on your shoulders, as by seeing the big picture of a situation, you can keep your life moving forward and successfully thwart distraction in your life!

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