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With all the negative things happening in our world. Its good to come across a little positivity every now and then. 9 year old British twins are set to be the youngest children in their country’s history to attend High school. Check out the story and video about their amazing family below:

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Two 9-year-old twins in Britain are preparing to find out what high school they’ll attend, making them the country’s youngest high school students in history.

Paula and Peter Imafidon, dubbed “The Wonder Twins”, are known for their record breaking wit after becoming the youngest people to ace the University of Cambridge’s advanced math test and soaring above their classmates.

The twins, born to Nigerian parents Chris and Ann, are part of an Imafidon legacy of intellect.

Their 20-year-old sister Ann-Marie won a scholarship to attend Johns Hopkins University at the age of 13.

Their 17-year-old sister Christiana is the youngest student in Britain’s history to study at an undergraduate level after going to college at age 11 while their 12-year-old sister Samantha passed two high school level mathematics and statistic tests at age 6.

Paula Imafidon wants to grow up to be a math teacher and Peter wants to be a prime minister.

Check out a video of the Wonder Twins on Britain’s