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Ladies, we all have that little black dress that is perfect for any occasion. But just in case you’ve gained a few pounds, and need to lose them, here are 6 dieting tips to help you slip into that sexy black dress again this year!

Tip#1: Eat Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are packed with beneficial fibers, vitamins and antioxidants. Consume 5 servings per day and keep your calorie count nice and low.

Tip#2: Don’t Skip Meals

Eating frequent meals help to balance your calorie intake throughout the day and also keeps your blood sugar level balanced.

Tip#3: Eat Small Portions

Be sure to watch your meal portion size! Instead of eating 3 hearty meals, eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day.

Tip#4: Keep a Food Journal

Keeping a food journal helps you identify and manage your eating habits. Write it all down and then modify it to fancy your diet plan.

Tip#5: Don’t Be Overly Restrictive

Having a ‘cheat treat’ every once in a while can be rewarding to your weight loss experience. Just keep it reasonable and don’t go overboard!

Tip#6: Exercise… period!

You should get at least 30-60 minutes of physical activity a day to stay healthy. If you can’t get to the gym, take a walk or do leg lifts while watching TV.

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