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TORONTO, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Global Wellness Apps Inc (“GWA”), an exciting start-up venture that is poised to disrupt the manner in which diabetes and prediabetes is approached, is excited to announce that DiaStrong Health has officially launched and is now available across North America. DiaStrong is available at

Operated by DiaStrong Health, Inc., a Florida corporation, DiaStrong is an online telehealth service that is laser focused on the diabetic and pre-diabetic markets. DiaStrong’s main benefits include providing rapid and convenient access to leading providers for both pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals that are seeking support and solutions about their condition, anytime and anywhere.

The DiaStrong experience is completely virtual – the provider-to-patient experience is seamlessly handled through a state-of-the-art telehealth platform. This platform effectively allows for patients to take control of their diabetes and pre-diabetes management by providing convenient scheduling and facilitating video conference appointments with leading diabetic professionals on the Internet from wherever they are and whenever needed.

DiaStrong eliminates the inconvenient days of searching for the right professional, long wait times for appointments, traveling to physical locations and enduring doctors’ office waiting rooms with old magazines. DiaStrong’s is totally diabetic-focused, so all of its listed practitioners have deep experience with diabetic and pre-diabetic issues.

From lifestyle management to health care, DiaStrong has a current and continuously growing array of experienced providers that includes physicians, dieticians, trainers, certified diabetes educators, and more, enabling the patient to become a master of their diabetes management from the comfort of their own home.

With its many differentiating features, DiaStrong is positioned to become a leading resource to support all those that are either diabetic or pre-diabetic; markets that are estimated to collectively include over 100 million North American individuals.

“DiaStrong was developed to provide concentrated care, offered by North America´s leading practitioners from all aspects of diabetes and pre-diabetes management in order to provide an unparalleled experience and assistance to all those affected by this chronic disease, something we felt was lacking in this space,” explained Sean Zaboroski, the CEO of GWA. “Our mandate is to make virtual diabetes care and support an accessible and convenient option for all those affected by pre-diabetes and diabetes.”

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