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I put together another circuit program. This program is a total body circuit with an emphasis on the butt, abs and hamstrings. Butt and abs seem to be the most popular body parts people want to work on. I also notice readers want something short and to the point.This circuit last about 5 minutes. I recommend completing the circuit 3-5 times.  Techniques is very important with all exercises.  Pay close attention to the plyometric movement and the split jump. Maintain good posture throughout the jump. You want to spend as little time on the ground as possible. The physio ball hamstring curl requires good posture as well. Your body needs to be in a straight line from head to toe.  The exercises are listed below.  If you have any particular exercises you want to see please leave a comment. Enjoy the video and remember safety first!

Medicine Ball Walking Lunges

Split Jumps

Physio Ball Curls

Incline Push Ups

Inverted Rows


Straight Leg Sit Ups

Medicine Ball Slams

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