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In “You Just Should Have Sat There And Ate Your Food” news, CNN’s Chris Cuomo found himself in trouble on Twitter when he suggested that Sen. Kamala Harris provide her birth certificate to prove that she’s a U.S. citizen to avoid any criticism from the Right.

As we previously reported, on Monday Harris announced that she is running for President.

According to Business Insider, Cuomo made the comment after an alt-right conspiracy theorist falsely said that Harris is ineligible to run for the highest office in the country “because her father, a Jamaican immigrant, and her mother, an Indian immigrant, were not legal residents for five years before her birth.”

The 53-year-old California senator was in fact born in Oakland, California, but that didn’t stop Cuomo from giving the Twitter troll the attention they needed by throwing Harris under a bus.

In a now-deleted tweet, the broadcast journalist wrote, “”And hopefully there will be no games where the issue keeps changing for righty accusers…and…the legit info abt Harris comes out to deal with the allegation ASAP. The longer there is no proof either way, the deeper the effect.”

Obviously, this tweet triggered people, reminding them of how President Trump created the birther movement in 2007 as a means to undermine former President Obama by suggesting—with no tangible proof—that the then Illinois Senator was born in Kenya.

After seeing his name dragged through the Twitter streets, Cuomo apologized and tried to clarify what he actually meant.

Sigh…it hasn’t even been a full week since Harris announced her presidential bid and we’re already dealing with this type of rhetoric.

2020 can’t come fast enough.


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