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What’s the justification for a male police officer to lift a petite woman off the ground and pin her to a police SUV?

The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department is asking that question, Fox 5 reports.

A video of the encounter, which happened in Northwest D.C., appeared Monday on Twitter. It shows the uniformed officer, who is White, pressing the small framed Black woman by her forearms against the vehicle, her feet dangling, as he questions her. A female officer stands nearby, observing.

“We’ve been made aware of this video and have contacted their commanding officer as we investigate this matter,” a police statement said, according to Fox 5.

The news outlet stated that the woman, who requested not to be identified, was not arrested or charged.

“It was harassment and I asked for the police officer’s badge – they wouldn’t give me no names, no numbers or nothing – so I left – I never knew this was being recorded,” she told Fox 5.

The woman said the officers probably thought she was a threat when they witnessed her in a verbal argument with a man who she said was harassing another woman.

The Daily Mail said it could hear on the video the officer calling the woman, who claimed to be a school teacher, a prostitute.

SOURCE: Fox 5, Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube


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