Source: R. Michael Stuckey / Getty

WASHINGTON — A Maryland woman died after she received botched butt injections in a New York basement over the weekend — and the surgeon who performed the procedure is at large.

Kelly Mayhew — a 34-year-old from Suitland, Maryland — died after receiving the cosmetic procedure from an unlicensed plastic surgeon, The New York Daily News reports.

Mayhew and her mother drove from Maryland to the surgeon’s office, which is a basement apartment in a two-family home in Queens, The New York Daily News reports.

At some point during the silicone injections, Mayhew began to have trouble breathing and her mother began performing CPR. The mother asked the surgeon to call 911, but The New York Daily News reports he fled the house and sped away in a gray SUV.

The mother called 911 and first responders transported Mayhew to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Detectives are searching for the surgeon.

An initial autopsy performed on Mayhew was inconclusive.

Mayhew’s mother told police her daughter was healthy and had undergone five previous butt-enhancement procedures, The New York Daily News reports.