EXCLUSIVE: Former SWV Singer Coko Talks About New Album


From ELEV8.com’s Sheeri Mitchell:

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with gospel recording artist, Cheryl “Coko” Clemons, former lead singer of the 90’s girl group, SWV.  Her next project “The Winner In Me” is due in stores and online Tuesday, July 14,2009.  The lead single, “Wait,” which is in rotation at radio stations across the nation, beautifully showcases Coko’s signature soprano voice, and artfully encourages the faithful to trust in the Lord’s timing. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the song was written by Coko’s own pastor. Largely a collaborative effort, “The Winner In Me” conveys the down to earth, soulful style for which Coko has come to be known. I can attest that the lady reflects the artist. In the few moments we had, Coko patiently and candidly answered my questions, revealing the heart of a woman who has her priorities firmly in order. Below are her thoughts on marriage, motherhood, career, and the Church in her own words. Enjoy Family!

Elev8: It was reported in XXL magazine that you decided that SWV would no longer sing sexually explicit songs such as Downtown and Can We? What prompted that change?

Coko: Well, I’m a wife and a mother now. I’m all grown up – not a teenager anymore. I have to be more conservative. I want to be my children’s role model.  I want them to be able to look up to me. Back then we were just singing nonsense. We didn’t really think about it. Now, I want to think about what I’m singing. I want to mean it.

Elev8: How was your decision received?

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