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Men in general aren’t exactly well known for always taking great care of themselves. But, when you think about it, every man owes it to himself, and to his family (if he has one) to stay healthy.

So, here are some super-quick tips to look better, play harder and live longer.


Eating something healthy every morning means you’ll be less likely to be so hungry later on that you end up grabbing some unhealthy snack that won’t do you any favors. Eating breakfast also boosts your metabolism.


Seven to eight hours of sleep a night. That’s the ticket to living longer, being a healthier weight, stressing less, and remembering more stuff.


Do you like having teeth? If so, buy some floss! You can brush all day long, and still not touch all the bacteria-filled gunk hiding out between your teeth. Also, did you know that bacteria can actually increase your heart disease risks?


Umm, you kinda do it anyway, so why not use it to help you de-stress and calm your nerves? For a super-quick, super-calming exercise, slowly breathe in through your nose as you count to seven, letting your chest and stomach expand. After a second or two, slowly exhale through your nose, again counting to seven. Do this several times a day, especially when something is stressing you out. Get in a little stretching while you’re at it! Yoga class, anyone?


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