Early this month one of my fellow writers posted a column Saved Men Are Not Blind.I can say that I have noticed hands down that there is something that taken over our gentlemen. It is the unkempt rudeness that makes our men unappealing. You may say that that’s really hard to imagine that we would even notice that at all. While our children are being dressed in mature outfits and our ladies are wearing less material our gentlemen have just forgotten what proper size is.

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Each day of my life I commute and I notice how grown healthy men will look at a woman and not offer a seat to a pregnant woman. I also notice how ill fitted their jeans are. Young men following the annoying trend of low hanging jeans is one thing, but grown men should not under any circumstances be showing me their Calvin Klein’s. I  do not think that wearing your pants down to your knees is attractive.If you were wearing your pants in the proper place we would be able to notice  whether you have a great physique or not.

There are so many reasons that I would would much rather look at gentlemen with a proper hair cut than a fitted baseball cap and sneakers. Why do you not own any shoes? You want me to keep my act together and look great. I need you to clean yours up. I will say what most women are thinking. We really don’t like that hat on all the time. It’s annoying and rude. Please purchase a pair of shoes. Black boots do not count as shoes. If we are going out to dinner or somewhere I would like to be on the arm of a man that looks like a man not a child. Every now and then, if you actually gave up a seat on the subway one of us might smile at you instead of scowl we wear all the time. I smiles and a gently head nod every time a man does that.

In addition, we are more likely to speak to you if you  smell good as well. Personal hygiene is important. I know all this sounds terribly selfish but I want you to know that there are dozens of us out here who are at the top of our game looking for someone but we can’t see you.