The cool thing about transition is that you get to meet a whole new part of yourself. Each day, month and year that we live, each time you walk through transition another part of you is revealed, a new part of you emerges. Sometimes we do recognize it but most times we don’t. There are parts of you that will never be revealed if you do not walk through transition. In other words you have to come through this way if you want to discover the hidden you.  The great thing about the new you that presents itself to you during transition is that it has always been a part of you are. The person that you become when going through transition is someone that you already were, but may have never met before. I know there have been many things that I have had to walk through that introduce me to new boundaries and strengths I never knew I had.

Your senses will begin to tell you that your life may be changing, you might be moving toward a business as opposed to staying at home, you may be closer to a legacy as opposed to just surviving., You start to mentally and spiritually map out you boundaries and it starts directing you on where you are going and how you are going to get there.

This can be very difficult because who wants to change something that is so familiar even if it’s bad. See we become very use and comfortable with the old and sometimes reject the new simply because it’s “new.” This is where your belief and faith comes into play because not seeing something doesn’t mean it can’t be. The power of believing will cause you not to gamble with important things but plan for them. Belief will not allow you to jeopardize the most precious things to you. Belief will cause you to be consistent and most importantly, belief will cause you not to rush or abort God’s design for your life.

Never forget that moving forward although not easy means you are going somewhere. You have what it takes to make it through these and many other changes in your life. All of it works together for a bigger plan and for a destiny that’s full of greatness for you!