Niecy Davis

Why does it take so long to say something nice, but evil things jump right off of our tongues? All weekend I have been struggling to say something nice but I have fallen in the trap of being the devil’s puppet and his mouth piece. Without thought or care in the world I have been […]

If there are things you want to do, places you want to see do it. Many times we over think ourselves out of living. Everybody has a begin date and an end date what you do in between is up to you. Live to the fullest! Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Sometimes when people say things or do things to hurt us our immediate human response is to fight verbally or physically. Our response should be to love. Often we forget that we should operate in the supernatural- your body may not want to love. It may want to fight. But you are not a body. […]

I have a cousin who is always complaining, nothing is ever right. I told her make a list of the things that really tick you off and she started writing at the speed of sound one thing after another. She wrote so much I stopped her. Then I said make a joy list of the […]

Be grateful in ALL things. Whatever your circumstance or situation stop and be grateful praise God for right now. Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Your happiness is a choice! Choose happiness! The focus is not on what you don’t have but what you do have. Your life’s outlook is up to you! Courtesy of Niecy Davis

If you pray with a pure heart, stop worrying. You can’t do both. Believe God for what you are praying for. Pray faithfully and often. God can do all things but fail. Keep your faith! Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Feeling overextended and overwhelmed, but unappreciated? Do what you can. Focus on your happiness–the rest is unimportant! Courtesy of Niecy Davis

It is a sad day when you hear negative things about people because the person talking feels threatened. You can stand tall on your own, you don’t have to stand on someone else’s toes to do well. Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Sometimes the unknown can be a scary thing, but it could turn out to be the best thing. Don’t let fear stop you from progressing. Change is a part of life, don’t fight it embrace it. It usually is not as bad as you think. Go forward with a positive attitude. Courtesy of Niecy Davis