Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Understanding is a beautiful thing. If there is someone who tries to make you feel insignificant for asking questions. They probably didn’t know the answer either. People that have low self esteem will make fun of others because they feel bad. Don’t fall into that trap. Keep a positive […]

Stop making excuse for not inviting people over to your house. If I had new furniture… If I had matching dishes… If I had new floors… If I had a bigger house… When I re-do the bathroom… People are coming to see you-not the things you have. Stop limiting your happiness because your mind gets […]

Why do people ask questions they already know the answers too? A bigger question is why do people ask questions they really don’t want the answers too? Think about it…people ask you how you are doing, but they don’t stop for you to respond. In relationships people ask have you been faithful, but do you […]

A peacemaker goes out their way to keep the peace and takes the high road. Troublemakers always have to prove a point. They are always ready for the battle. Many of these same people have been fighting so long they don’t know what they are fighting for or why. The question is, are you a […]

Technology is all around us and it changes everyday. Modern technology happens right now and in real time. The point is, technology is constantly moving forward so don’t get left behind. Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Don’t let others block your blessings. Sometimes people seem so innocent–like they are really trying to help you. They say things like, “Watch out for so and so, they’re messy.” Or, “Don’t get close too so and so, they lie.” Their experience is not your experience. You deal with individuals on an individual basis. Don’t […]

Most people, including ourselves, don’t like change. We get comfortable doing what we know. This is true at home, in relationships at work and at church. We get so used to the same things that we sometimes don’t know when to let go and when to hold on. Just because you get comfortable and don’t […]

The best way to keep people out of your business is to keep your mouth closed. Monitor your mouth. If you don’t tell what is happening in your life, then you don’t have to worry about being discussed. If there is a secret you want to keep–keep it. Stop discussing every aspect of your life […]

It is amazing to me how many people spend hours upon hours coming up with clever ways NOT to work. The excuses run abound. These same people often feel they are not compensated enough for what they do. Look at the habits of successful people–they are doer’s not excuse makers. Stop with the excuses and […]

Stop settling! When something is not right, speak up. If you order anything from a store, restaurant, friend and it’s not right then send it back. Stop. We used to be such a proud people. When did we slip into “oh let it slide” or “might as well.” Speak up and speak out. Once people […]