“What is keeping Black women from walking down the aisle?” ABC’s “Nightline” asked this question recently and you’ll be surprised at the answers. Watch the video right here.

VIA BLACK AND MARRIED WITH KIDS: by Harriet Hairston There are times when the cycle of my marriage frustrates me to the point where I question whether or not it’s worth staying in it. I hate to break it to you, but it just is what it is. When that happens, my emotional state actually […]

This is the second article in a series about adultery. So another Friday!  Well, I guess you know that huh?  It’s your Friday too!  But, my Friday’s are superb.  They are wonderful and wholesome.  They don’t involve work.  And, not involving work is a wonderful way to start the weekend.  Laying down my work and […]

VIA WASHINGTON POST: One in every 33 women who attend worship services regularly has been the target of sexual advances by a religious leader, a survey released Wednesday says. The study, by Baylor University researchers, found that the problem is so pervasive that it almost certainly involves a wide range of denominations, religious traditions and […]