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Maybe this list of celebrities that’ve successfully lost weight will be the push you need to finally succeed in your weight loss goals. Spring is just around the corner, and then comes summer – and you’ll want not just to look beach ready, but to be healthy and happy to enjoy all the best that life has to offer. Take a look at these celebs who’ve improved their lives by reducing the number on the scale.

STAR JONES. Probably the most famous biggest loser is this former television personality/lawyer, who was once a co-host of “The View.” She lost over 160 pounds in three years after gastric bypass surgery in 2003. Jones was criticized for not being honest about the surgical intervention, once claiming that Pilates had helped her lose weight. Actress Rosie O’Donnell, another former “View” co-host, was particularly critical of Jones’ reluctance to share the method behind her weight loss After her controversial departure from “The View.” Jones eventually said that she was “embarrassed” about being so heavy and felt uncomfortable publicly sharing the surgical intervention, as it might not be the best choice for others struggling with weight. At age 47, Jones has maintained the weight loss.

VICKIE WINANS. The acclaimed gospel music star struggled after her 16-year marriage to Marvin Winans. “I gained the bulk of the weight right after I divorced Marvin,” she told Ebony magazine in 2003. “I really went through a lot. I got ulcers and I was on medication. I was sick from the stress of the divorce.” The statuesque singer lost over 75 pounds early almost 10 years ago on the Atkins diet, which meant no starch, no sugar and no dairy. Winans says she mostly followed the diet, with some occasional cheating, but has mostly kept the weight off since. Since remarried, Winans says she sings a lot better now that she’s lost weight and is eating healthy. “I sing better,” she told Ebony. “When you don’t have a lot of garbage in your system, you sing better.” You can find out more about Winans at

PATTI AUSTIN. This 59-year-old diva looks better than ever these days. The once-overweight singer who dueted with James Ingram on the classic, “Baby, Come to Me,” lost 140 pounds via gastric bypass surgery in 2005. The Grammy winner told Portfolio Weekly that the surgery saved her life. “I went to a doctor for a complete physical because I had a torn meniscus in my knee. He said, ‘You’ve got to lose this weight. You’ve got Type II diabetes, you have asthma, and you’re menopausal. You’ve got to get rid of this weight, and you’ve got to get rid of it fast. This is the best way for you to do it.’” Austin just appeared on the 25th anniversary version of “We Are the World” to benefit Haiti, and she looks fantastic. Check out her official site at

SHERRI SHEPHERD. The current co-host of “The View” lost weight in a much less controversial way than her former TV compatriot Star Jones did. Shepherd, 42, just got on her diet and exercise grind, then posed for the cover of OK! magazine in a bathing suit after losing 41 pounds. “I lost weight last year and started gaining it back because I wasn’t exercising,” Shepherd told OK! Magazine last year. “I said to my producer, ‘Why don’t we do something where I tell people ‘Let’s do it together!’ and maybe [up the ante with] a bathing suit.’ The minute I said that, I was like, ‘Gosh, I should take it back because I really want M&M’s!’ But I had to do it. Then all of sudden, I had all these people doing it with me. I’d Tweet about going to the gym and how hard it was, and followers would write and say, ‘Sherri, I’ve lost two pounds!’ I thought, ‘Okay, people are getting into this.’” Shepherd worked with a trainer and followed a healthier diet by using a service to have nutritious meals delivered to her home. So far, she seems to be keeping the weight off.

KELLY PRICE – This 36-year-old singer was once morbidly obese, but in recent years, the singer has slimmed down dramatically. She’s now collaborating with fellow singers Tamia and Deborah Cox on The Queen Project, a music project with a socially conscious component. While she’s never specifically identified a method for her dramatic weight loss nor divulged how many pounds she’s lost, her recent appearance at the Soul Train Music Awards shows that she’s certainly kept the weight off. We hope to see Price, Cox and Tamia on a stage soon, but until then you can check out the latest on Price at

MO’NIQUE. This Oscar nominee, who hosts her own late night BET show, “The Mo’Nique Show,” has been on a weight loss program since her husband, Sidney, gently suggested that she needed to get a handle on her weight. She accepted the critique and hired a trainer to get her weight under control. The mother of three, including three-year-old twin boys, lost 40 pounds with diet and exercise. She told People magazine that she went from a size 20 to a 16, swearing off junk food and red meat to do so. The woman who once said “Skinny bitches are evil” is now advocating health at any size. “Big is still beautiful,” she told “People.”Big healthy people are beautiful.” Check out more at her official site: