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Over 50 Valentines Gifts

It seems  a lot harder to purchase gifts for people over 50 than it is for younger folks. Most of us just go out and purchase what we really want and have established tastes.

A huge chocolate heart may not be on our diets. Instead of showing love and appreciation, it may just send a diet plan off the tracks. (Though of course, we do appreciate the health benefits of a tiny bit of dark chocolate every day).

Keep in mind, that the point of a Valentine’s Day gift is to demonstrate love, affection, or appreciation. You may need to find the right gift for your spouse or partner, somebody you have dated a few times, co workers, or your oldest friends. Your choice will be affected by your relationship with the gift recipient, your budget, and their own taste!

Hot Chocolate Mix– Hot chocolate, made with skim milk, is a healthier and more satisfying way to treat us with chocolate. I would appreciate a hot chocolate or mocha coffee gift package, with a festive mug, more than I would really want to get a big heart full of chocolate candy. You may be able to find a gift set or you can creat your own. This can also be a budget friendly gift.

Flowers? Some women really love flowers. I always regard them like my mother did. They are beautiful, but they die so quickly.  Personally, I’d rather have something that lasts.

If you want to buy flowers, include a vase that the recipient can keep. Otherwise, consider giving a woman a scarf or sweater with a festive print. You can even buy some playful gloves or socks if you are on a budget.

A Gift For The Special Woman Over 50

If the woman you are gifting is your significant other, you may really want to treat her by showering her with a housekeeper, trip to a day spa, or tickets for a night out.  In my opinion, these gifts display more thought and effort than stopping by the florist or corner store for flowers and chocolates.

If the woman is a friend or coworker, your gift budget will impact your choices more. But I think women always appreciate something that makes them feel special and appreciated. If you need to buy general gifts for lots of women, a couple of movie tickets, a book of poems, or a bath/shower set are simple to purchase and have a wide appeal.

What To Get The Guy Who Has Everything?

Guys are tough! Though they seem to appreciate gifts, it can be a lot harder to figure out what they really want.  Guys over 50 that I know seem to appreciate gift cards for stores they like to shop at or a restaurant they can go eat man-food at.

Some people do not like to give gift certificates.  Men also appreciate magazine subscriptions (Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Daily Word, Success or a Science Magazine depending upon tastes), gloves, male grooming sets, and bottles of their favorite wine.

Care To Add Something?

Are there any special Valentine’s gifts that please you? Have you had great luck with a certain gift for men or women over 50? Go ahead and tell us!

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