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Every first Tuesday, nine months out of the year, I have the privilege of going to listen to world renown motivational speaker, Lewis Timberlake. Boasting over forty years as an executive coach and corporate consultant, Timberlake has helped Fortune 500 companies and their lesser known counterparts go from good to great. If ever there was a man who knows “a little something” about cultivating habits that lead to success, Timberlake is he.

At his most recent lecture, Timberlake imparted to his eager audience strategies for overcoming stress. The lecture was riveting, entertaining, as well as thought provoking. But one portion of it in particular stood out to me above the others. It was the segment on how to control your mind. Timberlake maintains that one of the keys to conquering stress of any kind is to take control of how you think. To that end, he gave four quick bullet points that I offer to you:

Quit Worrying About What Might Have Been

This may sound simple to do, but anyone who has experienced regret knows that its pull is a powerful one. While it is important to review our failures – deconstruct them even – in order to devise better strategies for the future, or to draw out wisdom from them, beating yourself up over them and continually mourning what might have been (and will likely never be) only results in missing out on the joy of the present. Don’t waste your time. Move on.

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