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New Year’s Message | Bishop Joel Peebles

GUMEC New Years Message Bishop Joel Peebles

Source: R1 DIGITAL / Reach Media

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Another New Year’s message to bless you good from a wonderful man of God Bishop Joel Peebles, bless us with the word….. 


God bless your family.  

This is Bishop Joel Peebles from The City of Praise Family Ministry. I also have the blessing of being the presiding Bishop of Global United Fellowship. This is your ministry moment.  

We wanna talk about protecting our children in the next season. In First Kings Chapter 3, Solomon said to the Lord, he said, Lord, you have been extravagantly generous with my father, David, and he’s lived faithfully in your presence. Now, Lord bless me, because of his relationship with you. See, I want to let you know that God is going to bless your children based off how you live your life. I find that extraordinary. Because what it means is even if my children fall pretty difficult, even if they struggle, even if they go wayward, there is an anointing that I can have in my relationship with Christ that allows my children to be protected. You see, as you’re listening, there may be a parent who’s struggling with their child’s pain. Maybe someone’s going through a season and life where their greatest prayers. Lord, protect my child as they go through the season. Help them to make godly decisions. See what we’re going to believe is that God’s faithfulness to, you will bless their life.  

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Did you know the Bible says the main prayer you ever pray over your child is Lord allow them not to walk in the spirit of foolishness. See, today we stand and covenant together that God will protect and cover your child. And he would not let the spirit of foolishness abide in their life now, this starts specifically with your relation with him.  

That’s the way you praise God. I thank God that our children will praise God the same way, the way that I devote myself to Christ. May God connect to our children. And even if you were in a season right now with your beautiful child has fallen, maybe they’ve gone through a tough season. Maybe they’re not even connected to you. I pray right now that God will put a hook in their mouth, bring them back into the fold, restore your relationship and even more importantly, restore the relationship of Christ. See the Bible makes it very, very clear, because I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, nor our seed have to beg bread. 

I believe in the name Lord Jesus that God is restoring families. God is healing our children, and he’s allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to touch their life. Mother, Father may the grace of God keep your family and may the relationship you establish with be germane in their life. That’s no longer where we struggle over their relationship with Christ, because God is going to honor our children based on how we honor him. May the power of God sustain you, and I thank God that the best for our family is yet to come. 

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