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By Ingrid Michelle

Sometimes my life seems to make no sense – in the natural. Things that would ideally appear the “normal” action quite often become the complete opposite of what God has in store. Don’t get me wrong, God isn’t some sadistic, controlling spirit man who snickers at us while we squirm our way out of life’s circumstance but He does want to know if we trust Him. After all, isn’t that what any real relationship is predicated upon – trust?

Here are a few examples of people who did some pretty interesting things at God’s prompting and the results are evident by our lives:

* Abraham and Sarah had a baby well into their HUNDRED’S (Isaac) and after he was born, God told Abraham to kill him. He later provided a ram in the bush.

* Moses was way beyond retirement age when he got his assignments from God to free the people.

* Bodies of water parted at the pounce of a stick

* Elijah disappeared into thin air

* Hosea was instructed to marry a prostitute – Hmph! So much for his reputation

* Jonah got stuck in the belly of a freakin’ whale

* Mary became pregnant without having EVER been touched by a man

* People waited around for a dead Jesus to show up in a tiny room

Oh and there’s more. Plenty! But I am convinced that God isn’t just creating situations for us to look “stupid,” but for us to learn how to “trust in the Lord with all [our] heart and lean not to [our] own understanding,” (Proverbs 3:5). We will never fully comprehend some of His requests and that’s okay. The most important part is that we adhere. That is the ultimate end to every command that to the naked eye appears foolish.

I admonish you, if He told you to do it, be it, say it or go…you’d better heed His voice. Don’t try and alter what you believe you’ve heard according to what would make you most comfortable. Be uncomfortable so that you can grow in your faith and in the execution of knowledge which is wisdom. I’m just saying.