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Tatayana Yomary Knotless Braids

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The idea of having to wash braiding hair before a knotless braids install was one that I never gave a second thought. As a diehard protective style fan, having to wash my bundles for my custom wigs or giving my units some TLC pre-install have always been part of my routine. Following the same process with braiding hair was a no-brainer for me, especially since my scalp is prone to itching.

Now that hip-length knotless braids have become my go-to style, I make it a point to use hair that’s not only fast-drying, but lightweight with a soft texture. After all, long braid styles can put weight on your scalp. So, when I was introduced to the wonders of Dosso Beauty Pre-Stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair ($5.99, I was immediately intrigued.

Tatayana Yomary Knotless Braids

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Aside from being Black woman-founded (shout out to CEO and Founder Kadidja Dosso), this 28-inch braiding hair is a far cry from most options on the market. This offering is anti-bacterial with a soft texture, so you’ll be able to keep your natural hair healthy. Plus, it is flame retardant, pre-layered, and is pre-stretched, which works in your favor to prevent wasting excess hair. Since it is itch-free, you can save time by not having to pre-wash the braiding hair before install. Itchy braids are officially a thing of the past.

After sitting in my stylists chair for seven hours, my hip-length knotless braids were completely installed. Over the next few days, I noticed how light the hair felt on my scalp. While other hair brands are known to tug and pull on my edges, things were different this time around. Not to mention, itchy scalp was a non-factor.

What I loved most about the hair was how fresh it looks weeks after my install. It’s true that knotless braids tend to get a bit rusty faster than traditional box braids, but my braids have been intact thanks to the quality of the braiding hair and proper maintenance practices. I’m the type of gal that enjoys allowing my protective styles to sit in place for at least six weeks, and Dosso Beauty Braiding Hair has not disappointed so far.

Most people prefer to switch up their protective styles, but I think that I’m #TeamKnotlessBraids for the long haul, thanks to Dosso Beauty’s Pre-Stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair. Have you tried Dosso Beauty’s braiding hair? Sound off in the comment section below!


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