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When it comes to fitness and healthy living, tennis champion Sloane Stephens doesn’t play games. As the fourth Black woman to win a Grand Slam singles title, she knows that what you put inside of your body is just as important as the stress you put on your body during a heavy workout. On the court, Sloane is a beast and is a U.S. Open champion as well as a member of the U.S. Olympic team. And off the court, she’s taking on a new business venture as an ambassador and strategic investor in Quantum Energy Squares.

“Whether it’s training for the Australian Open or leading my foundation to create the next generation of athletes, my life takes energy. Unlike other energy products I’ve tried, Quantum Energy Squares taste good — and they’re good for you,” Sloane said in a statement. “I’m an advocate of the brand and the way the bars energize me in workouts and competitions. The science is solid and the team is on-point, so it was a no-brainer to invest in the company.”

The plant-based energy bar powered by organic caffeine and balanced macronutrients is an alternative to coffee crashes and sugary snacks, making it perfect for long-lasting energy. Because it was created by a sports dietitian, food scientist, and professional pastry chef, Quantum Energy Squares are ideal for those high-powered workouts, just like the ones Sloane gets in as she trains for a big match.

We recently had a chance to chat with the tennis superstar on her new business venture, her workout routine, and how she stays in shape during the off-season. Check it out below:

HelloBeautiful: What are your thoughts on the new partnership with Quantum Energy Squares, why did you partner with them, and how do you hope this will help consumers’ health? 

Sloane Stephens: At Quantum Energy Squares I’ll be a strategic investor and member of the Athlete Advisory Board. I hope to help the brand expand nationwide and educate consumers about balanced energy options for their busy lives. I discovered the bars in 2019 and was an avid consumer before becoming an investor. That is a really important part of my decision-making process when it comes to any new partnership, and particularly an investment – do I love the product enough to buy it and recommend it? Not only does Quantum have a sports dietician and food scientist on board, but they also have a pastry chef to make sure the products actually taste great. Once I built a relationship with the team and learned all of the science that goes into the bars, I knew I wanted to become more involved.

HelloBeautiful: Describe your at-home health regime? Any tips our readers can do at home?


Sloane Stephens: I know this isn’t a secret quick fix (sorry!), but there really is no substitute for consistency. Find something you like to do and increase the time every day. This summer, I worked out on Zoom every day with the kids I serve in Compton through the Sloane Stephens Foundation and we got really creative with using regular household items like chairs and books for challenging workouts. My diet is also very important, especially while spending so much time at home this past year. Quantum Energy Squares provide me with the balanced protein, carbs, and fats I need to be my best. I keep a few of the Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip bars in my training bag so I’m always prepared and properly fueled.

HelloBeautiful: What do you do to prepare for your big matches? 


Sloane Stephens: The night before a match, I sit down with my coach and we walk through the game plan for that specific opponent. Once I wake up on match day, I’m focused on fueling my body and staying relaxed. My match day rituals and warm-ups are always the same, so I know I can rely on that preparation no matter where I am in the world.

HelloBeautiful: How do you stay healthy when you’re not playing? 


Sloane Stephens: Every trainer and nutritionist I’ve worked with has given me the same piece of advice: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You can make things interesting by adding some lemon or fruit flavors, but there is no substitute for drinking water. Being hydrated helps keep your skin moisturized and glowy, helps you sleep better, and helps your body recover from workouts. Self-care is an important part of mental health, and it is so important to be kind to yourself during these stressful times. I like to incorporate essential oils, body scrubs, and face masks into my recovery routine and take those moments to unwind.

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