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Instilling good habits in children is important.  Eating healthy, getting regular checkups from your doctor and getting plenty of rest are just a few items on the Life “to-do” list.  As a child, most of our parents made sure we maintained our routine doctor’s appointments.

When we became adults, and took over the responsibility for ourselves, some of us began to stop doing the things needed to keep ourselves in tip-top shape.  When is comes to the going to the doctor, reports show men shy away more that women. Why is that?  This is not good.  How can we prevent this?

According to a recent survey presented by the American Osteopathic Association’s Osteopathic Medical Conference and Exposition,  only 63 percent of males ages 18-29 visited their primary care physician last year.  Surprisingly, only one-third of the males in the same age group went to a physician more than once that previous year.  The percentage was slightly higher for the 30-39 age male bracket which was 69 percent of them visiting a doctor within the year.  The survey revealed that men 60 years and older had a more positive rating of 85 percent who visited a physician the past year.  They also were more likely to have a designated primary care physician.

What are the possible reasons of why younger males are not headed to the doctor?

Men’s Health shared more details Click here to read full article.

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