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As everyone know, the world that we live in has changed drastically with what is called “The Silent Killer” – THE CORONAVIRUS.

The way we are doing things is like no other time in history.  This coronavirus is a global pandemic; affecting every country in the world..  It has literally shut down the United States with the slow actions of the U.S Government.

So this week on the WINSTON CHANEY MORNING SHOW, we are talking to diffeent people from all walks of life trying to get an idea of the This Deadly Virus is effecting their particular workforce industry.

One Monday we talked to “Lola Thompson” from the Real Estate Industry, and like all other industries the way they are doing business has changed 100%.

New Mum Introduces Newborn Son to Grandmother Through Glass Window on Mother Sunday

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On Tuesday we went to the Food & Restaurant industry, as we talked to the Husband & Wife Team of Darius & Dr. Wakeena Dickens of Woodbridge.  They own a restaurant called Bomaje; and yes their restaurant is almost finished.

On Wednesday, we went to the Legal Field as we talked to Attorney Meridith Smith Hill from the law firm of Meridith Hill Law Esq.  As expected, the way they do business has completely changed and almost shut down.

On Thursday, we talked to Inga Johnson Robinson from the fashion business; Traci Lynn Jewelry.  To no ones surprise, the Traci Lynn Jewelry industry as completely shut down because they are unable to have gatherings and to my complete surprise, all their products come out of China, and they are unable to get any China products through Customs!!!  So their business is completely shut down.

So as you can see in the wake of this Deadly & Silent Killer, not only are families and indivuduals being effected, but businesses and industries are totally effected.  We just hope that this can end soon and save most of these historic businesses.