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Epilepsy Awareness Day on March 26th aims to increase the public’s knowledge of a neurological condition affecting nearly 50 million people worldwide. Also known as Purple Day, people are encouraged to wear purple in support of epilepsy awareness.

The neurological condition, epilepsy, impacts the central nervous system causing seizures and other symptoms. The types of seizures vary depending on the cause and type of epilepsy. Some known causes of epilepsy include:

  • brain injury
  • genetics
  • metabolic disorders
  • immune disorders
  • infection

However, sometimes no known cause can be found for epilepsy in a patient. While epilepsy is not contagious, any age group can develop epilepsy. The good news is that it’s highly treatable. Although the condition can be confusing for children. In some parts of the world, treatment can be challenging to find.
Another important goal for the day is removing the stigma associated with epilepsy. Those with epilepsy can lead normal lives, especially when their epilepsy is controlled.

HOW TO OBSERVE #EpilepsyAwarenessDay or #PurpleDay

Join the Purple Day movement. Here’s how:

  • Learn more about epilepsy.
  • Show your support by wearing purple.
  • Volunteer at a fundraising event.
  • Donate to research to cure epilepsy.
  • If you or someone you know has epilepsy, speak up, and help eliminate the stigma associated with epilepsy.
  • Know the signs of a seizure and what to do.

Use #EpilepsyAwarenessDay or #PurpleDay to post on social media.

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In 2008, Cassidy Megan of Nova Scotia, Canada launched Purple Day to encourage awareness of epilepsy and to cast away some of the myths that cloud the general public’s view of the condition. While other awareness observances existed previously, Purple Day and its founder continue to gain a following and awareness is spreading around the globe.

source:  National Day Calendar