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On March 20th, the days and nights balance and National Proposal Day offers an equal opportunity for a marriage proposal. For many, this is the day they’ve been waiting patiently to arrive without success. Others will pop the question suddenly.

Observed on both the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes, this day of proposal making is an opportunity to let the loved one in your life know you are open to a marriage proposal. Where subtle hints have not worked, a more direct approach may be required.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalProposalDay

If you’ve identified you’re one true love and are seeking a marriage proposal, there are ways to participate in the day. Some are subtle and others are, well, a proposal.

  • Show your love pictures of your friend’s new engagement ring.
  • Pick up the latest bridal magazine and leave it laying around.
  • Visit your favorite bakery and while there ask what their most popular wedding cake flavors are.
  • Ask your love whether they want a big wedding or prefer to elope.
  • Drive-by churches on a Saturday afternoon until you see a bridal party leaving and ask your love for their thoughts on the attire.
  • Go jewelry shopping.
  • Get caught singing Chaple of Love by The Dixie Cups.
  • When someone asks when you’re getting married, look to your love to answer the question.

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